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mobile hibachi at home

Explore our menu, book your personalized hibachi experience, and get ready to indulge in the perfect blend of entertainment and exceptional cuisine, all in the comfort of your own space at home or anywhere you wish. We're serving FL, NY, NJ, MD, DC, Virginia, Texas, California and many more. 

 Hibachi Cater For You

mobile hibachi 4U

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We proudly bring the mesmerizing art of hibachi grilling to San Diego, infusing every moment with savory delights and unforgettable dining experiences.

California & Arizona

West Coast

San Diego California

Get ready to chase the hibachi flavor wave because Mobile Hibachi 4 U is on a roll, bringing the fiery fun of sizzling grills to locations all along the East Coast!

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Virginia, Boston, Florida

East Coast

If you're in the Lone Star State and craving a side of sizzle with your Texan hospitality, Mobile Hibachi 4 U is here to make your taste buds two-step with joy!

Dallas & Houston Texas



$50 per Adult (Pick 2 proteins)
$25 per Child under 13 (Pick 1 protein)

$500.00 Minimum for all parties 

Please note: We only accept cash

Price varies by location



Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Scallop, Salmon, Filet Mignon (+$5),
Lobster Tail (+$10)

Includes salad, fried rice and vegetables.


Fried Rice (+$5), Chow Mein (+$5), Chicken (+$10),  Steak (+$10), Shrimp (+$10), Scallops (+$10), Salmon (+$10), Filet Mignon (+$15) , Lobster Tail (+$15)

On the side


No Deposit Required & Free Cancellation!

We provide the catering chef, cooking equipment, and food for your party. You need to bring tables and chairs for your guests around where the chef will cook outside. You also need to provide eating utensils, plates, salad bowls, and drinks.

What you should prepare

At Mobile Hibachi 4U, our passion is to serve not just meals but unforgettable experiences, ensuring each guest receives a 5-star treatment from the moment the sizzle begins. From skilled chefs to personalized service, we take pride in creating a hibachi journey that transcends expectations, leaving a lasting impression of excellence on every palate we have the pleasure of serving.

5-Star Reviews

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