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  • Our service costs $50 per person, but you need to spend at least $500. This price includes all fees except for gratuity. It's recommended to give a 20% tip. We only accept cash as a form of payment and payment is due on the day of the event. 

  • The chef will arrive approximately 10 minutes before the reservation time. Our setup process is seamless and only takes a few minutes.

  • No, we do not set up tables and chairs. We provide a chef, grill, food, sake and, of course, great entertainment! Customers will need to provide utensils, drinks, and table setups.

  • Our team is trained in indoor and outdoor cooking and ensures your food is perfect. Relax and enjoy your meal on the terrace, balcony, or under an awning, in your dining room or any room in your house. Thank you for choosing us, we look forward to serving you.

  • No, our food does not contain any nuts or sesame products. Please notify the booking agent if customers have any other food allergies.

  • We cater to gluten-free customers and are happy to accommodate dietary preferences. Please bring your preferred gluten-free soy and teriyaki sauce for our chef to prepare your meal separately. Enjoy!

  • We offer tofu for vegetarian and vegan guests. Our high-quality and nutritious meals come at an affordable price and include extra vegetables, salad, and noodles. Let us handle everything to provide a stress-free experience.

  • We cannot prepare outside food due to insurance and pricing requirements. We appreciate your loyalty, but we cannot make exceptions. Instead, we have a wide variety of dishes that we are confident will satisfy you. We are committed to enhancing our offerings and services to ensure your dining experience is exceptional. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Hi! Book Mobile Hibachi through easy-to-use Parties over 30 guests can do two bookings for 2 chefs with same great service and food and no extra fee! Contact us soon for an unforgettable event.


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